A set of interactive data visualisations

Recreated a few older charts in the latest version of d3.js. Some of these are also interactive versions of existing static charts.

Horizontal packed bubble

A force simulation with two modes, combined and split. Also uses Voronoi to implement a layer to improve interaction.

horizontal bubble chart with voronoi pattern


A calendar-like grid of stacked bar charts with a legend that allows for toggling of different parts of the stack.

horizontal bubble chart with voronoi pattern


A bubble chart with an additional direction dimension denoted by the orientation of a custom shape made specifically for this chart.


A sankey chart with recursive search to highlight all the nodes and links connected to the currently selected node.

Japanese Fan

A radial chart that vaguely looks like an open Japanese fan

More in the works

I will continue to add new charts. If you want to talk about a specific chart or nudge me to build a new one, DM me on Twitter or create an issue on GitHub.